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Brand: Hager
HG/CD240B : Hager ELCB 40A 2P 30MA
HG/CD263B : Hager ELCB 63A 2P 30MA
HG/CD440B : Hager ELCB 40A 4P 30MA
HG/CD463B : Hager ELCB 63A 4P 30MA
HG/CE240B : Hager ELCB 40A 2P 100MA
HG/CE263B : Hager ELCB 63A 2P 100MA
HG/CE440B : Hager ELCB 40A 4P 100MA
HG/CE463B : Hager ELCB 63A 4P 100MA
HG/CF463B : Hager ELCB 63A 4P 300MA
HG/EG170 : Hager 3M Digi 7D 1C Time SW 1W
HG/EH010 : Hager 1 M Time Switch w/o Res
HG/EH711 : Hager ver1 Channel c/w Ope Res
HG/ICOS12 : Hager Insulatd Encl 1Row 12Mod
HG/ICOS18 : Hager Insulatd Encl 1Row 18Mod
HG/ICOS8 : Hager Insulatd Encl 1Row 8 Mod
HG/KND190B : Fork Insulator 1P Busbar 20mm
HG/L501-2A : Hager Fuse Carr, 1P 10/38 2A
HG/L501-4A : Hager Fuse Carr, 1P 10/38 4A
HG/L501-6A : Hager Fuse Carr, 1P 10/38 6A
HG/MT106 : Hager 6A 1P MCB 6KA B
HG/MT110 : Hager 10A 1P MCB 6KA B
HG/MT116 : Hager 16A 1P MCB 6KA B
HG/MT120 : Hager 20A 1P MCB 6KA B
HG/MT132 : Hager 32A 1P MCB 6KA B
HG/MT220 : Hager 20A 2P MCB 6KA B
HG/MT232 : Hager 32A 2P MCB 6KA B
HG/MT263 : Hager 63A 2P MCB 6kA B
HG/MT320 : Hager 20A 3P MCB 6KA B
HG/MT332 : Hager 32A 3P MCB 6KA B
HG/MT363 : Hager 63A 3P MCB 6KA B
HG/SB263 : Hager Isolator SW 63A 2P
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other brands:
ID/BA411S : Idec Terminal Block 40A, M5
ID/RY4S-230VAC+Base : Idec RY4S 230VAC Relay c/w Skt
ID/RY4S-24Vac : Idec RY4S 24VAC Relay
ID/RY4S-24VAC+Base : Idec RY4S 24VAC Relay c/w Skt
ID/RY4S-24VDC+Base : Idec RY4S 24VDC Relay c/w Skt
ID/Skt/SY4S-05A : Base for RY4S
MG/EZC100F3030 : Merlin Gerlin Circuit Breaker 30A
MG/EZC100F3060 : Merlin Gerlin Circuit Breaker 60A
RU/DPA96A : Rudolf Digital Power Analyzer
S/COS4-0080-VM1N : Socomec 80A 4P COS Manual
S/COS4-0125-CDN : Socomec 125A 4P COS Manual
S/COS4-0160-CDN : Socomec160A 4P COS Manual
S/COS4-0250-CDN : Socomec 250A 4P COS Manual

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Updated May 2011