Switching between Generator and Source

tips on Power Source, Change Over Switch

What is Change Over Switch?
Change Over Switch is to perform switching, transfer of sources or two low voltage circuit.
They are consist of two load-break switches mounted back to back, and electrically and mechanically interlocked.
Hence, their function is to provide manual or remote controlled switching of two sources.
For three poles, or four poles manual operated type, has range of products for as low as 25Amperes to as large as 3,150Ampere.

Where to use?
Constant blackout is the good example.
For this case, it is most useful to place from two incoming power s
ources, such as Main Source, and the generator set, and outgoing to single output for household use..

Why is motorised Change Over Switch is better than manual Change Over Switch?
Manual Change Over Switch is typically strength switch, which require manual to operate. While the motorised Change Over Switch, has its ability to be remotely controlled, it can be setup, or programmed to switch a
utomatically. When there is failure in first source, and it will perform to switch to another source.

How to operate?
For Manual Operated Change Over Switch.
It can switch to either three position, I, O, II, that is power source I, neutral or no source O, or power source II. Or, another type I, I+II, I, the I+II is the overlapping both power source.
While for the motorised Change Over Switch, it can be remotely control, or switch to manual type.

Why Socomec?
For full safety purposes, which leads to less failure, and cost effective. Socomec, Germany has been constantly innovated to develop efficient product, and conform to those various International standard.

For the Automatic Transfer Switch, Socomec has patent in its efficient contacts. Its ATyS range of products integrate electrical and mechanical interlocking systems in order to guarantee safe transfer operation.

How to purchase?
For the popular basic type.
No. of poles: 3Poles, or 4Poles
manual Change Over Switch, Rating: from 125A to 3,150Ampere
motorised Change Over Switch, rating: from 125Ampere to 1,600AmpereBR>

Weight, size?
Gross weight: 2kg(for 3P/125A) to 45Kg(for 4P/1,600A)
Size: 380mmx716mmx392mm (for ATyS 4P/1600A)

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