ABB Low voltage Circuit Breaker, available stock

The following few blogs are the list of available stock, and fast moving common items. However, any enquiry others than this list are welcome.

available stock

Brand: ABB
Item P/N# : Item Name
AB/A09-30-01 /220 : Contactor 9A 1N/C, 220V 50Hz
AB/A09-30-10 /110 : Contactor 9A 1N/O, 110V 50Hz
AB/A09-30-10 /220 : Contactor 9A 1N/O, 220V 50Hz
AB/A12-30-10 /220 : Contactor 12A 1N/O, 220V 50Hz
AB/A145-30-11 /110 : Contactor 145A 1NO 1NC, 110VAC
AB/A16-30-01 /220 : Contactor 16A 1N/C, 220V 50Hz
AB/A16-30-10 /220 : Contactor 16A 1N/O, 220V 50Hz
AB/A26-30-01 /220 : Contactor 26A 1N/C, 220V 50Hz
AB/A26-30-10 /220 : Contactor 26A 1NO, 220V 50Hz
AB/A40-30-10 /220 : Contactor 40A 1NO, 220V 50Hz
AB/A95-30-11 /220 : Contactor 95A 1NO 1NC, 220V
AB/CA5-01 : Aux Contact Blk Front 1N/C
AB/CAL5-11 : Aux Contact Blk Side 1NO,1NC
AB/ESB20-20/230 : Contactor ESB 20A 2NO 230V
AB/S201B10 : MCB 10Amp 1Pole 6kA B-Type
AB/SH201B06 : MCB 6Amp 1Pole 6kA B-Type
AB/SH201B10 : MCB 10Amp 1Pole 6kA B-Type
AB/SH201B16 : MCB 16Amp 1Pole 6kA B-Type
AB/SH201B20 : MCB 20Amp 1Pole 6kA B-Type
AB/SH201B25 : MCB 25Amp 1Pole 6kA B-Type
AB/SH201B32 : MCB 32Amp 1Pole 6kA B-Type
AB/SH201B40 : MCB 40Amp 1Pole 6kA B-Type
AB/SH201C02 : MCB 2Amp 1Pole C-Type
AB/SH201C04 : MCB 6Amp 1Pole 6kA C-Type
AB/SH201C06 : MCB 6Amp 1Pole 6kA C-Type
AB/SH201C10 : MCB 10Amp 1Pole 6kA C-Type
AB/SH201C16 : MCB 16Amp 1Pole 6kA C-Type
AB/SH201C20 : MCB 20Amp 1Pole 6kA C-Type
AB/SH201C25 : MCB 25Amp 1Pole 6kA C-Type
AB/SH201C32 : MCB 32Amp 1Pole 6kA C-Type
AB/SH201C40 : MCB 40Amp 1Pole 6kA C-Type
AB/SH202B20 : MCB 20Amp 2Pole 6kA B-Type
AB/SH203B20 : MCB 20Amp 3Pole 6kA B-Type
AB/SH203C20 : MCB 20Amp 3Pole 6kA C-Type
AB/T1B160/100A4P : 100Amp 4Pole MCCB 16kA
AB/T1B160/125A3P : 125Amp 3Pole MCCB 16kA
AB/T1B160/125A4P : 125Amp 4Pole MCCB 16kA
AB/T1B160/160A3P : 160Amp 3Pole MCCB 16kA
AB/T1B160/160A4P : 160Amp 4Pole MCCB 16kA
AB/T1B160/63A3P : 63Amp 3Pole MCCB 16kA
AB/T1B160/63A4P : 63Amp 4Pole MCCB 16kA
AB/T1B160/80A3P : 80Amp 3Pole MCCB 16kA
AB/T1C160/100A3P : 100Amp 3Pole MCCB 25kA
AB/T1C160/32A3P : 32Amp 3Pole MCCB 25kA
AB/T1C160/63A3P : 63Amp 3Pole MCCB 25kA
AB/T3N250/200A3P : 200Amp 3Pole MCCB 36kA
AB/T3N250/200A4P : 200Amp 4Pole MCCB 36kA
AB/T3N250/250A3P : 250Amp 3Pole MCCB 36kA
AB/T3N250/250A4P : 250Amp 4Pole MCCB 36kA
AB/T5N400/400A3P : 400Amp 3Pole MCCB 36kA
AB/T5N400/400A4P : 400Amp 4Pole MCCB 36kA
AB/T5N630/630A3P : 630Amp 3Pole MCCB 36kA
AB/T5N630/630A4P : 630Amp 4Pole MCCB 36kA
AB/T6N800/800A3P : 800Amp 3Pole MCCB 36kA
AB/T6N800/800A4P : 800Amp 4Pole MCCB 36kA
AB/TA25DU-1.4 : Thermal O/R 1.0...1.4A
AB/TA25DU-1.8 : Thermal O/R 1.3...1.8A
AB/TA25DU-11 : Thermal O/R 7.5...11A
AB/TA25DU-2.4 : Thermal O/R 1.7...2.4A
AB/TA25DU-3.1 : Thermal O/R 2.2...3.1A
AB/TA25DU-4.0 : Thermal O/R 2.8...4.0A
AB/TA25DU-5.0 : Thermal O/R 3.5...5.0A
AB/TA25DU-6.5 : Thermal O/R 4.5...6.5A
AB/TA25DU-8.5 : Thermal O/R 6.0...8.5A

Updated April 2011