Types of sensors, automation - Efficiency in sensors application

Types of sensors, automation
- Efficiency in sensors application

PhotoElectric Sensors, Inductive Proximity Sensors, Capactive Proximity Sensors, Limit Switches, Safety Switches, Pressure Sesnors. For the application to the industrial wide range of efficiency ideas on automation.

The following are brief specification:

PhotoElectric Sensors
PhotoElectric Sensors for range of 0.3mm to 60mm
PhotoElectric Sensors application for Packaging, Assembly. Mechanical handling, as well as Food and beverage processing
PhotoElectric Sensors eg: Colour mark reader; Luminescence sensors; Forked, for detection of opaque labels; Detection of aqueous liquids; Detection of transparent materials; objects on conveyor; Robustness and compactness; Optical frames for detection of passage of objects; Forked with integral amplifier for indexing; Analogue output Position control; High excess gain for resistance to accumulated dirt; Stainless steel version for resistance to harsh agents.

Inductive Proximity Sensors
Inductive Proximity Sensors for range of 2.5mm to 60mm
Inductive Proximity Sensors has types on Plastic cylindrical; Miniature cylindrical; Rectangular Form; Multi-voltage with short-circuit protection; Complementary outputs NO+NC; PNP+NPN NO/NC programmable; Rotation control; Fixed sensing distance for ferrous or non ferrous materials; Analogue Position Control; Food and beverage processing.

Capactive Proximity Sensors
Capactive Proximity Sensors for Detection of insulating materials or conductive materials..

Ultrasonic sensors
Ultrasonic sensors for Detection of any material

Opto-electronics rotary encorders
Opto-electronics rotary encorders type: incremental type; Single Turn Absolute; Multitutn Absolute; Communicating Multiturn Absolute

Limit Switches, Safety Switches
Limit Switches: Universal, complete switches, Customised assembly of miniature and compact switches.

Safety Switches: Safety Limit Switches; Guard Switches.

Sensors for pressure control
Sensors for pressure control on Electronics sensors pressure range from -0.08, -1 to 400bar. With various type of setting pressure
Sensors for pressure control on Electromechanical pressure and vacuum switches

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