Select the right sensor

We provide very competitive price of Telemecanique, Merlin Gerlin, Pepperl + Fuchs.

We will assist to select your required sensors,

Please provide your requirement:
  • Type of sensor, eg, reflective, see-thru, C-slot, etc
  • Detection range, from as near as 1mm, to as far as 50metre.
  • Power supply such as DC, DC/AC, AS-Interface

  • Diameter of detection spot, from less than 1mm (such as needle) to as large as 2metre ( such as vehicle).
  • Light type can be Infrared, or Red Light.
  • Switching output has Transistor, Relay, AS-Interface, Light/Dark Switching.
If you are not sure, please provide your requirement, scenario, etc. so that we can assist in the selection.