Home protection, circuit breaker

Home Distribution Panel

Answers to those question from user on home protection, for a single room.

Every home should has genuine distribution board with circuit breakers, to prevent, fire caused by overheat wiring, injury to humans due to electric shock, or damage on appliances.

Basic solution for a room of less than 35m2. Let say consists of 4 lightings points, and 4 power socket.

4 lightings = 1 piece MCB of 1Pole 10Amp
4 powers = 1piece MCB of 1Pole 16Amp
Both MCB connected from 1pc RCCB of 25Amp with 30mA trip

circuits as follows:
Main power -> RCCB 25A -> 2pc MCB 1P

Hence, require just 1piece RCCB and 2 pieces MCB in polyester enclosure (box).
Please liaises with experience electrician to wiring up such DB circuit.

MCB denote Miniature Circuit Breaker
RCCB denote Residual-Current Circuit Breaker.

Attached photo shown a 8-ways DB Box, this for fews rooms with many points.